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Green Carpet Cleaning

I wrote this article in 2008 and having read through it I have decided to reproduce it here as it is still relevant. I have always been quite interested in environmentally friendly cleaning, having worked as an industrial chemist for 8 years and latterly as a carpet cleaner for 25.(Now 30) A greener way of […]

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Why do stains come back after they have been cleaned?

Stains and other marks reappearing once a carpet has been cleaned is one of the most frustrating aspect of carpet cleaning. In short by far the most likely reason , is that the sticky or greasy stain has not been removed by the cleaning process, only the dirt which was sticking to it has gone, […]

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Why washing up liquid is so bad for carpets.

There is nothing wrong with washing up liquid if you want to wash up your dirty plates. That’s what it’s designed for. But it very difficult to rinse off a plate so how are you going to get it out of your carpet. Yes it will help to remove dirt and improve the appearance of […]

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Pubs and Clubs

We have cleaned many pubs and clubs in the past 30 years always achieving a big improvement. A truck mount machine is perfect for this type of carpet and upholstery cleaning because; 1.It removes much more dirt than any other system, so your carpets and chairs look much better. 2.It leaves the carpets and chairs […]

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Urine Stains

Removal of urine , both human and pet is one of the most difficult problems faced by carpet cleaners. If the urine is not treated quickly then a yellow stain may be left which will almost certainly be impossible to remove. Urine is generally acidic so that alkaline cleaners, which most carpet cleaning solutions are […]

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