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What is A Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine?

A truck mounted system is just that, a large very powerful carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning system which is bolted into the van. They are called truck mounts because most come from USA where vans are known as trucks.. More heat, more suck(vacuum) and a much more powerful pump. Your carpets and upholstery are cleaned […]

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How much to clean a carpet?

This really is a difficult question because it depends on so many things. The type of carpet. How dirty it is. How accessible is it? What type of staining? What does the customer want? I prefer to speak to each customer and find out as much as possible before quoting. I am a very experienced […]

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Tip to remove Lily Pollen

Lily pollen is potentially very damaging. Do not try to remove it with water, this will partially dissolve it and leaveĀ a yellow stain which is very hard to remove. Firstly remove as much pollen as possible by vacuuming with the nozzle or by using sticky tape.Any moisture from your hand will spread the pollen so […]

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