Office Chair Cleaning

Chair cleaning depends on the type of fabric, the type of stains, the filling, the frame materials and many other factors which only a well trained and experienced cleaner will be aware of, lets face it anyone can make it wet !

To determine the compostion of a chair fabric can be very difficult if not impossible because of the range of materials used. However it is possible to determine the cleaning characteristics of a fabric and thereby safely clean it to a high standard.

We have recently cleaned hundreds of office chairs in the City of London to a high standard, in fact the company tried two other chair cleaning companies without success and have been really pleased with our results. Many large companies use their office cleaners to clean chairs and carpet, when a carpet and chair cleaning specialist will give you results which are far superior.

Many office chairs are supplied at great cost with materials which are just not stain resistant. We can help prevent staining by treating with a fabric protector at a fraction of the cost of a new chair. Fabric protectors can be solvent or water based with the solvent products being better but requiring good ventilation during drying.They work by altering the surface tension, so that water based spills do not wet out the fabric in the same way.

I have carried out this type of protection on a large scale.

It is also possible to clean chairs and sofas in a very green, eco friendly way and achieve excellent results.

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