Will my carpet get dirty faster once it has been cleaned?

A carpet will get dirty quicker if.

1. The finish applied to a carpet fibre is removed by the cleaning.

2. Cleaning chemicals are left in the carpet to attract dirt.

The latter is by far the biggest cause of re-soiling and is why I adopt the minimum chemical approach, using the truck mounted cleaning system. The machine itself uses only water and is extremely powerful meaning the carpet is flushed thoroughly with clean hot water. This removes deep down dirt and other allergens as well as any chemical pre-spray.

On a dirty carpet it is necessary to pre-spray to loosen the dirt and reduce the surface tension. The type and amount of pre-spray is determined by the type of soiling.

Harsh high pH chemicals will also remove any protection the fibre might have previously had and so are to be avoided, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Keeping things simple a carpet will only get dirty quicker if large quantities of cleaning chemicals are left in the carpet or harsh chemicals are used to clean in the first place.

Minimum chemical, high power hot water .


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