Dry Carpet Cleaning

1st 4 Carpet Cleaning achieve excellent dry carpet cleaning results using the Dry 60 system.

Many domestic customers prefer the Dry 60 method as it will leave your carpets clean and dry in 60 minutes.

These dry carpet cleaning processes are better described as low moisture cleaning, where very good results are achieved with the minimum amount of water, leading to fast drying times.

The Dry 60 dry carpet cleaning method is particularly good on low profile office carpets, where many of our customers insist on it, as it gives the best clean without rapid re-soiling or stains reappearing within a week.

One of our major contacts managers is adamant that we produce the best results he has ever seen.

We are the only approved contactor on three major sites in Essex and London.

Dry 60 is a dry carpet cleaning method which will clean your house carpets to a very high standard, and is clean and dry in 60 minutes.

I am a qualified industrial chemist and have developed the Dry 60 method, to give you the very highest standards of carpet cleaning at minimum inconvenience and surprisingly reasonable cost.

Please ring me, Doug Holloway on 01702 473700 and I will be pleased to talk to you.

We also offer a very effective eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning  service.

However on many domestic carpets and upholstery a detergent free approach will give excellent results with environmentally friendly chemicals being used.

I have been cleaning carpets for over 30 years and will bring all that experience and acquired knowledge to bear in giving you the cleanest carpets and upholstery.

Carpet cleaning at it’s very best!

Doug Holloway 

1st 4 Carpet Cleaning Ltd